Our Menu

Our menu is a mix of mexican, european and indonesian dishes.

Our Breakfast Menu

Coffee, tea  30p
Natural juice 40p   
Cereals with milk or yoghurt, banana 55p
Seasonal fruits with yoghurt and granola  55p
Quesadillas 3 tortillas with cheese and chile jalapeño 65p
Hotcake natural or with banana or bacon. Served with honey, maple and jam  55p
Continental 2 hard or soft boiled eggs served with toast, jam, butter  55p
Omelette natural. Served  with toast or corn/flour tortilla    55p
Fried eggs natural. Served  with toast or corn/flour tortilla     55p
Scrambled eggs natural . Served  with toast or corn/flour tortilla  55p
Mexican eggs: scrambled eggs with onion, tomato and bell pepper.  Served  with beans, toast or corn/flour tortilla   65p
Eggs Rancheros fried eggs, mounted on corn tortillas dipped in a spicy red tomato sauce. 70 pesos
Eggs Divorciados fried eggs, one in a red sauce and the other with green sauce served with corn tortilla. 70 pesos
+ bacon or cheese or ham +15p

Our menu | Starters 

Guacamole. 65 pesos
avocado, tomato, coriander, mexican chips
Bruschetta’s. 55 pesos
toast with tomato garlic and olive oil
Corn stick. 55 pesos
sweet corn stick
Mexican salsa. 55 pesos
tomato, onion, coriander, mexican chips
Quesadillas. 65 pesos
3 cheese tortillas (+ 15 pesos mushrooms)
Nachos. 80 pesos
Mexican chips with beans, cheese, cream
Bean soup. 65 pesos home made
Chicken skewer. 105 pesos
2 skewers, peanut butter sauce, French fries
Shrimp cocktail. 105 pesos
in a home made sauce
Seafood soup. 90 pesos
fish, shrimp, coco-curry

Our menu | Salads

Mixed Salad. 70 pesos
lettuce, tomato, cucumber, egg, mais, home made dressing
Maya Luna Salad. 110 pesos
lettuce, seasonal vegetables, egg, nuts, tuna or chicken
Fruit salad. 120 pesos
spinach, seasonal fruits, cheese, egg nuts, blueberries

Our menu | Sandwiches

Maya Luna Sandwich 75 pesos
ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber
Croque monsieur. 50 pesos
sandwich toasted with ham & cheese

Our Specials

Maya Luna pineapple
Shrimps or chicken, rice, omelette, soya, curry, nuts, onion, garlic, bell pepper, coriander  195 pesos
Maya Luna pineapple vegetarian or vegan
Instead of shrimps or chicken we serve it with a variation of nuts and beans.  Without omelet. 195 pesos
Paradise Papaya
With onion, tomato, garlic and cheese gratin in the oven.
Garnished with coriander. 195 pesos

Our specials upon request & according to season.  Please ask us.

Seafood delights
Lobster, shrimp coco-curry, octopus, fish fillet, chef’s sauce.
Served with coconut rice and salad. 500 pesos
Fish filet in the oven
wrapped in banana leaf with tomato, onion, bell pepper, olives. Served with coconut rice and salad. 240 pesos
Lobster tail
Dipped in garlic sauce. Served with coconut rice and salad.
according to the season, Price per kilo

Our menu | Sea food & fish

Fried Fish
crispy in a garlic, onion & tomato sauce. P.P.K (approx. 350pesos per kilo)
Coco-curry fish soup
shrimp, octopus, fish. 150p
Mixed Ceviche
shrimp, octopus, fish marinated in lemon juice with tomato, onion and coriander. 175pesos—250 pesos
“chefs” Fish filet
in a home made sauce. 140p
Fish filet
breaded. 150p
Kingfish or Snapper filet
firm white meat caught in front of our hotel. 220p
Tuna Steak
in a sesame, garlic, wine sauce. 220 pesos
Maya Luna shrimps
in a coco-curry cream sauce. 195 pesos
Mexican Shrimps
with tomato, bell pepper, garlic. 195 pesos
Octopus Maya Luna
served in a home made sauce. 210 pesos
Seafood Pasta
with fish, octopus and shrimps in a red creamy sauce. 185 pesos
Seafood rice
Fried rice with filet, octopus and shrimps. 185 pesos

Our menu | Beef

Beef Arrachera
250 gram with mushrooms, fries and salad. 210 pesos
Rib eye
250 gram with mushrooms, fries and salad. 240 pesos
Pasta Bolognese
pasta Bolognese, ground beef sauce.  140 pesos

Our menu | Chicken & porc

Chicken or pork Fajtas Maya Luna
In a coco curry sauce. With rice and salad. 155 pesos
Mexican Chicken or pork Fajitas
With onion, bell pepper, soya & garlic. Served With rice and salad. 155 pesos
Pork or Chicken Milanesa
Thin slice of breaded pork or chicken. Served with fries and salad. 155 pesos. Acompañado por papas fritas y ensalada
Chicken breast
Served with fries and salad. 155 pesos

Our menu | Pastas

Vegetarian Pasta
pasta with different types of vegetables. 130 pesos
Pasta Bolognese
pasta with a ground beef sauce. 140 pesos
Seafood pasta
with fish, octopus and shrimps in a red creamy sauce. 185 pesos

For the kids

Chicken breast, fries, salad.   90 p
with cream, cheese, tomato.   90p

Home made deserts

Apple Pie   50 p
50 p
with wipped cream    65 p

On our fotos page you can find more foto of our dishes published on instagram


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