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Do you have a question about our hotel or our restaurant? How to get to Mahahual? Bus or car rental? Have a look at below questions and answers. This Mahahual information page will hopefully give you a better idea about Maya Luna and the town of Mahahual. Still have questions? At the bottom of this Mahahual information page you can write your question and we will answer as soon as possible.

Mahahual information – Hotel Maya Luna

How many persons can stay in one bungalow?

Our family bungalow sleeps 4 people. The other bungalows sleep 2 or 3 people

What’s upstairs on the picture? Is that another apartment ?

No, it’s a roof terrace; every bungalow has its private roof terrace. Therefore ideal to sunbath and enjoy watching the full moon rise out of the ocean. Or just gaze at the sky, filled with millions of stars.

Will we have hot water in the shower?

Yes, all bungalows have hot & cold water in the bathroom.

You provide 24 hours of electricity in your hotel?

Yes. Electricity is generated by solar panels and kept in Troyan batteries. Therefore you can help us saving electricity by switching of the lights and the fan when you leave the room.

Can you tell me what voltage do you have?

110 Volts

For my morning coffee I want to bring a water heather. Can I use a water heather in the bungalow?

No we’re sorry you cannot use water heathers, coffee makers or hair dryers in the room. To clarify, they use too much electricity, more than the electricity system and the batteries can handle.

Are you on a beachfront? Is it safe for swimming, is it calm and shallow?

Yes, we are right on the beach!  The first 10-15 meters are very shallow. So its very calm & safe for swimming, especially with children.

What is the ocean like at the Maya Luna... rocky, sandy, deep, shallow etc...?

Just in front of our hotel, at 400 meters is the Meso American Barrier Reef. The first 100 meters are very calm & shallow. After that it gets a bit deeper. It gets shallow again when you approach the coral reef. There are some areas with seagrass. All is sandy, no rocks.

Mahahual information – Maya Luna restaurant

What kind of food do you serve in your restaurant?

Breakfast includes American coffee including refill and natural juice of the day. You can choose between: toast with butter & marmalade or yogurt with fresh fruit or eggs as you like them or hotcakes. Our lunch and dinner menu is a combination of seafood, European and Mexican dishes with an Indonesian touch. Our special is the stuffed pineapple!

One of us is a vegetarian. Is this OK?

No problem, one of our most delicious plates we prepare is the stuffed papaya and if you let us know in advance, we will adjust our menu and prepare other delicious dishes without meat and or fish. We can also prepare vegan meals.

Was wondering if we also could book an all-inclusive package ?

We can offer to include food packages in the total rent. On forehand we will discuss the menu with you. Based on your preferences we will offer you a package price. These packages contain 1 or 2 drinks. We cannot offer all-inclusive drinks. For kids we have special prices, depending on their age.

If we buy food on the way down is there anywhere to store it or cook it onsite?

If available, you can use one of our cool boxes. You can buy food & drinks on the way and store it in your bungalow. Sorry, we don’t offer facilities to cook your own food in your bungalow.

Your fridges can they store enough cold drinks? Can we put our drinks and food in your fridge?

Sorry we cannot keep your drinks and food in our fridges. We sell drinks and food in our restaurant at very reasonable prices. If available, you can use one of our cool boxes and buy ice in town.

Can you keep my medications in your fridge?

Yes, we can keep your medications in our fridge.

Reservation of a beach front bungalow

Do you accept credit cards or a credit card number to make a deposit ?

We accept Visa and Mastercard. We don’t accept traveler cheques. We take cash Mexican pesos, Euros and USA dollars

If we do wish to book you hotel, do you require a deposit?

Yes we do require a deposit of 50 % of the total rent. We offer the following possibilities to confirm your reservation at Maya Luna:
For Dutch people: Wire money to our Dutch bank account
For Mexican people: Deposit money on our Mexican bank account or deposit in OXXO
For all other nationalities: Sent us your credit card details or pay with Paypal (since they take 5 % commission on the total amount of money transferred, we have to add that to your bill)
The rest of the amount is due at the time of your arrival. We accept pesos, dollars & euros.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can read our cancellation policy on the reservation page. We always try to be as flexible as we can but if we have refused other people’s reservation request in order to respect your reservation, we have to apply our policy strict.

Mahahual information – Services & Activities

Should we bring a surf mat or some flotation device for our kids ?

Of course you can always bring your own devices, but we also have some devices in Maya Luna.

Can we rent bikes at Maya Luna ?

We are sorry, we dont have bicycles for rent. In town there are several places where you can rent bikes

Kayaks and snorkel gear, do you rent them?

Yes, the inhouse dive shop of Luis Amezcua rents snorkel gear. The use of the kayaks is for free.

fly fishing seems to be good around Mahahual - wondering about bone fishing guides down in that area?

We can help you organize fly fishing tours.

Are there any good guided day & or overnight hikes in the ecological reserves in the area?

You can do a beautiful tour in the reserve of Sian Ka’an. You can walk through the mangroves or take a boat tour. You will see all kinds of birds and plants. If  you are lucky crocodiles. This is however more close to Tulum than to Mahahual. Tulum is a 3 hour drive from Mahahual. For hiking tours near Bacalar you can contact Active Nature, a small personal tour operator who organize all kind of nature tours.

Which archeological sites can we visit near Mahahual?

From Mahahual it’s a 1 hour drive to the archeological site of Chacchoben. To drive to the ruins of Kohunleach you have to count on 2.5 hours to get there. If you consider visiting Calakmul, we recommend staying at Hotel Rio Bec Dreams. The owners are both very knowledgeable guides and can take you on a guided tour. To visit Calakmul you need at least 4 hours. Lots of times the road for the last 40 kilometers is in very bad shape.

Debating booking a car or just using public transportation to get down there. Are there good day trips having a car would be useful for?

There are absolutely some nice daytrips to do. You can combine a visit to Chacchoben with the Lake of Bacalar. You can rent a kayak at  a Kayak at Rio Ouach, or visit the small fisherman town of Xcalack.

The village of Mahahual

How far is Hotel Maya Luna from Mahahual?

We are some 4 kilometers from “downtown” Mahahual

How far is the closest grocery store for provisions?

In town at 4 km from our hotel there are several little grocery stores.

Are there restaurants other than yours close, how far (by car or walking)?

Travel In is at walking distance, 800 meters from our hotel.  Luna de Plata, an Italian restaurant, is 3 km from Maya Luna.  In Mahahual you will find lots of seafood and Mexican restaurants

Mahahual information – Travel information

Flying to Mexico

Which airport is closest to Mahahual ?

The closest international airport is Cancun airport (360 kilometers from Mahahual).
Chetumal (140 kilometers from Mahahual) has a national airport with flights arriving from Mexico City and Merida.

Any air company you recomend?

There are lots of companies flying into Cancun. If you come from Europe: British Airways & Lufthansa have in general good prices, but no direct flights to Cancun. Jetair fly from Brusseles has very low rates during low season. Arkefly from Amsterdam is direct and prices are acceptable.

Could you give an indication on how far Cancun airport is from the town of Cancun? How far from the Hotel zone ?

Cancun Airport is some 15 kilometers south of Cancun city. The hotel zone is some 20 kilometers long, starting 5 kilometers from the airport

Do you recommend to stay the first night in Cancun ?

Yes, most of the time you will arrive in the afternoon or later at Cancun airport. To drive the same day-night to Mahahual can be rather tiring. So better stay the first night in Cancun, Puerto Morelos or Playa del Carmen

Where do you recommend to stay overnight on the way from Cancun to Hotel Maya Luna ?

Depends on what you want. You have some fine hotels & restaurants downtown Cancun.  Puerto Morelos (18 kilometers south of Cancun Airport) is a nice small fisherman’s place, with beachfront hotels. If you’re looking for nightlife: go to Playa del Carmen!

Travel agency

Do you recommend any travel agency?

We work with travel agency Maya Moon Tours in Cancun. They can arrange your reservations for a hotel room in Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. They also offer pick up’s at Cancun airport.

Can you make a reservation for us for the first night in Cancun or Puerto Morelos or Playa del Carmen ?

No problem. Our partner travel agency Maya Moon Tours has special arrangements with good quality hotels.

How do I get to my hotel? How much should I pay to get to my hotel?

You have several possibilities to get to your hotel from Cancun Airport.  For a private taxi (max of 4 persons) you pay some 40 US dollars. Another option is to take a  “collectivo”,  a shared Taxi van which first passes the hotel zone (45 minutes) and continues to the center of Cancun. They drop everybody in front of their hotel. !!! Before passing through customs you should already buy your ticket, outside you won’t be able to get one !  Or take the ADO bus service for either Cancun or Playa del Carmen. Or arrange a pick up service with Maya Moon tours.

Travel to Hotel Maya Luna with public transport

Is there a direct bus connection from Cancun to Mahahual ? How do I get to Hotel Maya Luna by bus?

ADO has 1 time a day a direct connection from The bus terminal in Cancun to the bus terminal en Mahahual. Please write us about the ADO scedule, since it changes often. Other possibilities to get to Maya Luna by bus:
Take the Mayab bus to Limones (approx. 3.5 – 4 hours). There, take the Carribe bus to Mahahual (approx. 1.5 hours). The bus stops just in front of our hotel (ask the driver to stop there). Or take a cab from Limones to Mahahual (250 pesos).

Travel to Hotel Maya Luna by rental car


To get to Maya Luna by car will take you some 4 to 5 hours. Therefore we absolutely advise against driving in the dark. If your plane arrives later than 12 o’clock in Cancun, consider spending the first night in Playa del Carmen or Tulum. (In winter time it gets already dark at 5 pm)

Renting a car...where do I do that, with which company?

There are lots of companies to rent a car, among them the big ones like Hertz and so. Renting a car at the airport is always a bit more expensive then renting a car downtown Cancun.

Do I need to make a deposit if I want to rent a car ?

You can make a deposit with cash money (around 10.000 pesos for a normal car = 1000 US dollars) or you can sign the deposit with your credit card. But without deposit you won’t be able to rent a car  

Can you arrange a rental car?

Our partner travel agent Maya Moon Tours in Cancun can help you to make your reservations for a rental car.
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