Coming to Mahahual in a wheelchair

Your Wheelchair accessible Bungalow

As one of the very few beach front hotels at the Caribbean Coast of Mexico, Maya Luna has one bungalow available which is completely wheelchair accessible; as well as for people who are still able to walk a few steps and for people who are not able to walk at all.

Your trip to Mahahual.

We can help arrange transport from f.e. Cancun or Playa del Carmen to Mahahual. Most taxi vans have means to lock your wheelchair during the trip.

Arriving at ecological resort Maya Luna.

For people who are not able at all to walk, we recommend to travel with a ramp; it is easy to connect the ramp with the taxi van and our patio at the street side of the hotel. If you can walk a few steps: no need to travel with a ramp, there is access for the car/taxi to drive up to the patio, where you can get out of the car and directly sit in your wheelchair.

Charging batteries of your wheelchair.

Maya Luna has a 110 Volt electricity system. Therefore, to charge the batteries is no problem, especially not when our generator is running during evening hours.

Going inside.

No need to worry that you arrive at your holiday destination and the door is not wide enough for your wheelchair. The patio is connected to a wooden floor. This path leads straight to the terrace of your bungalow.  Open both outside doors of the wheelchair accessible bungalow and you can easily get inside. The bathroom doors are 120 cm wide, hence big enough to enter with a wheelchair.

Inside the wheelchair accessible bungalow

Beds can be moved and replaced according to what is most easy for you. As a result, you have enough space to move around.

Shower and toilet.

The toilet in your wheelchair accessible bungalow is 25 cm higher than regular toilets in Mexico. This makes it a bit easier for you to get back in your wheelchair. On the wall beside the toilet as well as beside the shower you will find iron handles for support. In case you need a toilet/shower chair. You can buy them in several stores in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, please contact us for more information.

Wheelchair accessible beach
Wheelchair accessible terrace behind bungalow
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