Petfriendly hotel Maya Luna Mahahual in Mexico

Pet friendly hotel Maya Luna Mahahual

Maya Luna pet friendly hotel is located in a secluded area south of the small town of Mahahual. There are hardly any neighbors around. And the neighbors that do live there are dog lovers themselves. They can run around, play on the beach and swim in the sea. Maya Luna beach is paradise for dogs as well! Your pet-hosts now is Ajax. He has found his own paradise.


Hello, my name is Ajax and since May 2019 I live in Hotel Maya Luna. I like to Eco Hotel Restaurant Maya Luna Mahahual Hotel Pet friendly su anfitrion Ajaxinvite other dogs with their owners to the pet-friendly hotel where I live. You can have a great time on the beach in front of the hotel!

Coming home

I was only 8 months old when they picked me up from my stepfamily in Chetumal. The car ride to Mahahual took a long time and I was pretty nervous about what was happening. But when we arrived at the beach of pet friendly hotel Maya Luna, it was immediately like coming home.

The next day I woke up in paradise! I first had to go on the leach, but soon I was allowed to run around everywhere.

A perfect host

I always warn my owner when someone arrives. But when I see that everything is ok, and they are hotel guests, I immediately stop barking. So, I am a good “hotel dog”, they say.


Recently one of the guests asked the human beings where Dinga was. I understood from their answer that Dinga had arrived at pet friendly hotel Maya Luna many years ago. She was only 5 months old at the time, so a little younger than me.

And although they first ignored her, Dinga had decided that Maya Luna was the place where she wanted to live. And after 2 weeks she had shown that she was a very good guard dog, and she was allowed to stay.

My owner told the guests that she died in January 2018. Too bad I never knew her, because she must have been a very sweet dog, just like me!


There is also a cat in Maya Luna, his name is Droppie. They found him in the mangrove behind the hotel in October 2012. My boss thinks he was only 3 weeks old. Because he was soo young and no longer had a mother, he is very shy and shows himself very rarely.

The kitchen area

One last but no less important thing. Even though Maya Luna is a pet friendly hotel, there is one place that I am not allowed to visit and that is the kitchen. When you come to visit me, you are not allowed in either.

Don’t worry, because there is enough space outside to play! If your owner agrees, you can sleep inside the bungalow.

If your owner is looking for another pet friendly hotel in Mexico where you are allowed to stay, he should check it out. Pet-friendly hotels in Mexico.

Pet friendly hotel policy

Some things to keep in mind when you come on a holiday to our pet-friendly beach.


Cats and dogs stay for free, there is no extra fee at Maya Luna to bring your dog.

Restaurant area.

The only place where they are not allowed is inside the restaurant and the kitchen. No problem though, most people have breakfast, lunch and dinner outside on our patio or in our beach garden..

Sleeping at pet friendly hotel Maya Luna.

They can stay with you inside the bungalow. Preferably they do not sleep on the bed; we recommend bring their own bed and/or blanket. That will also make them feel more at home.

A clean beach.

Please bring something so you can collect their poo on the beach. This is responsibility of the dogs owner, not of our staff who clean the beach on a daily basis.

Leaving the dog at Maya Luna while you are off the property.

Unfortunately, we don’t allow to leave the dog(s) alone in the room. Since its not the dogs home, they might react differently. Some dogs get desperate and start barking and/or crying or even start to destroy things.  Therefor we have build a corral where they can stay, it has lots of shadow.

So if you go to town or on a snorkel tour, you can leave them inside the corral beside the diveshop, we will keep an eye on them. Please contact us when you want to use this option

Amount of dogs, size and race.

Per bungalow we accept a maximum of 3 dogs. There are no restrictions regarding race or size at pet friendly hotel Maya Luna.

Taking care of your dogs in Mahahual

Where to get food for cats and dogs.

In Mahahual you can buy food for dogs and cats in Baroudi. Its a small grocery shop located in the area we call “Casitas”: They have a very basic selection of food, so if your pet needs some special food, bring it from home.

Veterinarian in Mahahual.

Mahahual does not count with a pet-clinic. There is a veterinarian living in Mahahual who can assist with basic problems. She does not have the tools to operate but can prescribe some medications and do consultancy. The nearest pet-clinic is in Bacalar. In Chetumal you will find various pet-clinics. Some of them well-equipped. In some of them they sell special food for animals.

Traveling with pets

Travel with your dog by car to our pet friendly hotel

For those who live in Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Merida and Tabasco most likely you will visit us by car. Don t forget to bring enough water and food during the trip and of course never leave the animals inside the car when you go shopping.

Of course you want your pet to be as confortable and safe as possible while traveling by car. Please have a look on this website of Bone and Yarn and check out what car seats are available, and which one suits your dog best.

As an extra, they offer reviews, with the good and the bad on all the different car seats, taking into account items like size, method of securing, ease of use and cleaning.

Traveling with your pet by airplane.

There are several Mexican companies with flights to Cancun as well as Chetumal who are pet-friendly. All have their own policy regarding flying with your pet. We at Maya Luna have been flying with them, but never with a cat or dog. So we cannot express any recommendation. Guests have told us positive stories on both of them.

Volaris – Travel with your pet   A whole page with information regarding type and size of the cage, the necessary documentation in order to travel with your dog. They have restrictions for some type of dogs.

Interjet  – All you need to know to bring your best friend with you  Among others they give good information on pet documentation and on bringing your pet in the cabin or in the baggage compartment. They also have restrictions.

Maya Luna is happy to be one of the pet friendly hotels in Mexico. Probably your boss is looking for other pet friendly hotels in Mexico, maybe this website can help them. Hoteles Pet Friendly en México.

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