Maya Luna Spa

A good massage is the best way to relax. So Maya Luna has the perfect beach to enjoy one of our Spa services; away from the crowds, just you and the sound fo the waves and birds! For example try a relaxing massage or a refreshing facial mask.

Spa service

Patricia is our spa therapist. She has been working with us for many years  Patricia has all the diplomas and experience to live up to your personal preferences. So lots of guests have been raving about her massage.
You can have all of our Spa services anywhere you like. For instance on the beach, on your patio or inside your bungalow. If the weather allows it, the best place might be your roof- terrace.
For visitors from the cruiseship : if we have a bungalow available, you can have your massage at the patio downstairs. Or on the roof deck of a bungalow. Do you want to have a massage at the same moment as another person of your company? Patricia will bring one of her colleagues. Let us know if you prefer a female or male  collegue.

Spa beauty treatment

The Maya Luna Spa Program offers a 100% natural relaxing beauty treatment. So we invite you to rejuvenate your skin in a relaxing atmosphere.

Patricia invites you to enjoy relaxing facial masks, peelings and of course facial massages! For every type of skin Patricia has her own home-made recipe. Therefore everything is prepared with pure natural ingredients from the area.  Among others she uses clay, egg, sugar,  rosewater, cucumber or avocado. A beauty treatment with the perfect combination of natural ingredients will restore your skin smoothness after removing make-up and excess of sun. Try a refreshing yoghurt face mask for all skin types. Or a rejuvenating pumpkin mask.

Spa Facial Massage dry skin

Do you have a dry skin? Try Patricias classic milk mask with honey, aloa and essential oils. Consequently this Spa treatment activates circulation and helps nourish facial skin.
Ingredients: honey, egg yol, milk powder

Spa Facial Massage Oily Skin

For this type of skin is essential to follow a strict cleaning regimen.
Ingredients honey, egg white, lemon juice, baking powder

Spa Facial Massage large open pores.

They are one of the most common problems of the skin, but solvable .
Ingredients:  watermelon.

Cleansing Facial

Eat fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Healthy for your whole body but above all it helps you to have a healthy face.

Refreshing and invigorating

The salt water waves and refreshing sea breeze will help you relax but most importantly will give your face a great expression.

Maya Luna Spa Price List

Body massage 1 hour: 35 USD

Body massage 30 minutos: 25 USD

Facial massage 30 minutes: 25 USD

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