Ecological Resort Maya Luna

Maya Luna and Nature & Environment

Most of our guests share a special care for the environment. They love nature, the sea, the beach, the sound of the waves, the singing of the birds, swimming, snorkeling, diving, walking along the pristine beaches. That’s why ecological resort Maya Luna  takes care as much as possible of its surrounding nature.

Preserve and protect nature

In front of ecological resort Maya Luna lies the second largest barrier reef in the world. Its named “The Meso-American Barrier Reef“. This complex reef system extends from the northern Yucatan Peninsula to the Bay Islands in Honduras. Consequently the area is home to a great number of ecosystems, such as mangroves, lagoons, cenotes and sea grass beds. Water that flows between all these systems, including the reef, links them.

All ecosystems have their own unique attributes but also are dependent upon each other. As a result they provide a breathing place and shelter for all kinds of juvenile fish. Most of the areas outside of Mahahual’s fisherman’s village, including ecological resort Maya Luna, have been targeted for “low impact eco development”. This in order to preserve and protect nature. And to avoid turning Costa Maya into a mass tourism destination.

Hotel Maya Luna, an ecological resort

Before we got the construction permit to build our ecological resort we did an extended environmental impact study. Such a study ensures that the impact on the environment is as minimal as possible. SEMARNAT, the Ministry of environment, approved this study.

After that we constructed Maya Luna carefully. For instance we did not cut trees and did not destroy mangrove. We tried as much as possible to respect the environment by using natural resources:
Energy – Our solar energy system gives power to the main building and the bungalows. On sunny days we run the resort for the full 100% on solar energy. On cloudy days the solar panels provide 80% of the energy we need. Hence we run the generator to provide electricity to the restaurant. Likewise if we need to use the water pumps to fill the water tanks on top of the roof terraces. To save energy, we use energy efficient lamps and fans in the main building and the rooms. All rooms have 24 hours of electricity.
Water – Ecological resort Maya Luna uses rain water falling on the roof for its water supply. After that the water is collected in large basements under the terrace.
Waste water – Instead of using local septic tanks for each bungalow, we constructed a large basement connecting all bungalows including the main building. The basement consists of different compounds with filters installed. After filtering the water it can be used for irrigation.
Sea grass – At our ecological resort we use sea grass as fertilizer in our garden.

Hotel and Bungalows

On arrival we inform guests on the different aspects of the ecological nature of hotel Maya Luna. For example we kindly ask them to use the rainwater as well as the electricity in a responsible way. We change Linen and towels every 3 days at our ecological resort. We offer 24 hours electricity. All bungalows have an energy saving fan and use energy saving lights. There is no air conditioning nor television in the bungalows. The windows of the bungalows let the sea- breeze pass freely through your bungalow. The locals call this Mayan-airconditioning.


Ecological Hotel restaurant Maya Luna joined a program which stimulates its members to only buy with each other. Most of the members are small business owners. We work with local providers as much as we can. We buy the daily caught of local fisherman. Some of the menu ingredients, for example bananas, papaya and coriander, grow in our garden.
Maya Luna respects reproduction time of lobster as well as conch. This means that we don’t buy lobster or conch from fisherman nor sell it in our restaurant during reproduction time. We separate non-organic and organic waste. Behind the restaurant we run a compost of all organic waste. Together with our staff we try to use as little plastic as possible.

Furniture of our ecological resort

All decorations in the rooms and the restaurant have been hand made by small local workshops in Quintana Roo and the Yucatan Peninsula. Local carpenters made the furniture in the rooms & restaurant (beds, desks, chairs, tables etc.). The wood comes from the local community of Noh bec; a small village some 80 km from Mahahual. They grow trees in a sustainable way. As a result we supported several families in Noh Bec. If usable, we use also wood that washes ashore to make garden furniture out of it (banks and tables).

Maya Luna garden

All outdoor lightning is generated with solar powered lamps. We are proud of our beautiful garden; full of local plants, flowers, fruit and other trees. For example a variety of palm trees, chit (protected tree) bougainvillea, banana, mango and papaya trees. Further more flamboyant, cactus, nopal, tulips, sea grape, margaritas, almond and sugarcane. We use sea grass that washes ashore as fertilizer for a lot of plants and trees.

Sustainable Management at our ecological resort

Our staff is local. People working for ecological resort Maya Luna come from the surrounding villages like Limones, Bacalar, Divorciados and even from Chetumal. Maya Luna provides free accommodation and food to all staff. For members of our staff who did not finish high school, we offer the possibility to join a special educational program for adults. Maya Luna received a special diploma for joining this program. We also offer the staff monetary loans if needed. We don’t charge them interest. During working hours and outside working hours we are practicing with our staff some basic English. We work with local tour guides.

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