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Hereby we inform you about some measures we took in Maya Luna regarding the pandemic #COVID-19.
Maya Luna has re-opened on June 14th. Of course, after #COVID-19 nothing will be like before; We have received a list of mandatory measures that all hotels and restaurants must comply with to avoid #COVID-19 infections.
In addition to the strict requirements for keeping facilities clean, the mandatory distance of 2 meters is, of course, an important requirement.
For all those who know the restaurant of our hotel, know that this does not have to be a problem, on the contrary. The location of Maya Luna 4 km from the town is already a great advantage at this time. In addition, the 4 bungalows are separated by 7 meters from eachother. The tables on the beach are also 5 meters apart.

#Covid-19 | Your private beach bungalow with a distance of 7 meters to your “neighbour”


In reality, these “characteristics” make Hotel Restaurante Maya Luna the ideal place to take a vacation in a natural way in the post-COVID-19 era or the “new normal”.
To make your vacation as pleasant and safe as possible, we have taken the following additional steps at Maya Luna. (Of course all these measures are in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of the Federal Government).

Eco Hotel Restaurant Maya Luna MAhahual Costa Maya Mexico from the ocean
Foto taken from the ocean, all 4 bungalows are separated 7 meters from eachother.

Contact with the staff of Maya Luna

With our team we review the (new) guidelines that the government has imposed on us # COVID-19 every week. These meetings will be about contact with guests, hygiene in general and in the kitchen in particular to keep the facilities clean.
During the first stage the staff will have as little contact as possible with the guests. In the common areas everyone is required to wear mouth covers and gloves. We wash our hands regularly with disinfectant soap. In the bungalows we also make disinfectant soap available to guests. Just as we offer mouth covers to our clients.
Each bungalow has its own lounge chairs in front. Of course the mattresses and lounge chairs are also kept clean.

Hotel Restaurant Maya Luna private beach loungers


By # COVID-19 we had to adapt our policy regarding the cleaning of the bungalows; In accordance with international guidelines, all bungalows will be equipped with their own cleaning set so that our guests can keep their bungalow clean during their stay. The goal of this change is to minimize contact between us and guests. Of course we make sure that there is enough toilet paper every day and that the garbage is emptied. At the end of the stay we do a deep cleaning of the bungalow.

If our guests prefer daily cleaning, it will be agreed upon arrival at what time it will be carried out. During cleaning guests are required to leave their bungalow for at least an hour while staying elsewhere on the beach.


Our restaurant / reception room with the bar inside the main building will be temporarily closed to guests due to # COVID-19. There will be a table in front of the patio doors that will function as an “outside bar.”

This “outdoor bar” will also serve as a “service hatch” for the patio and beach restaurant and kitchen area. Of course, this outdoor bar is kept clean.

The menu is available in 2 languages next to the outside bar. Everyone can, if they wish, place their order through WhatsApp or in the “outdoor bar”. The rule is 1 person maximum on the outer bar at the same time. You will be informed how long it will take before everything is ready. 1 person in the group can pick up the order in the “outdoor bar” and take it to one of the patio or garden tables. Eating in the bungalow or on the terrace of the bungalow is, of course, also an option. We hope that after dinner everyone can put all the dishes, etc. in the outside bar.


The same rules apply to ordering drinks. This can be done in the “outdoor bar” or by WhatsApp. You can bring them to your table or bungalow by yourself


We accept a maximum number of people from outside at the same time in our restaurant so that everyone can easily stick to the distance of 1.5 meters.

Outside guests can use the public toilets.


In general we have already made a “reservation” on a credit or debit card. The preferable option for everyone will be to supplement the total amount of your reservation (one day) before your arrival. But in case you still have to pay the other half, you can check-in with Carolina, the owner, at the outside bar.
For the rest of the amount we offer several options:

CASH. Pay the remaining amount exactly, so that the least amount of money possible goes from hand to hand.

WIRE TRANSFER. The remaining amount can be transferred to our bank account one day in advance so that the least amount of money possible goes from hand to hand.

DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD. Only one of us uses the terminal. It will be cleaned before and after each transaction.

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