Snorkeling Mahahual | What to do in & around town

In front of Hotel Maya Luna, at a distance of approximately 400 meters, stretches the Meso American Barrier Reef. This system is the second largest reef in the world and therefore an excellent place for snorkeling. So you don’t have to go far away to swim between the fishes and admire all kind of coral formations. You can swim out there or take one of the kayaks. But you can also take a snorkeling tour with the catamaran.


Snorkel at The Meso American Barrier reef

The Meso American barrier reef with more than 1000 kilometers long passes in front of Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. Some of the species that live inside are protected or in danger of extinction. Examples of endangered species include sea turtles, pink snails, lobsters, manatee, grouper and black coral.

How is the beach in front of Hotel Maya Luna. Can I swim to the barrier?

At the beginning, near the coast, the water is very low. There are dark places where Sargasso lives. This plant serves as a breeding ground for many types of tropical fish. In the lower part there are no corals. But sometimes you can see many “baby” fish.  Regularly you can spot baby Ray just 10 meters from the coast, sleeping. About 100 meters before reaching the reef, the maximum depth of clear water is approximately 3 meters. Once reached the reef, the water is very low again. Be careful not to step on the coral. Swimming to the reef takes about 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can grab one of the kayaks to reach the reef.

Going on a snorkel tour starting at the beach of Maya Luna

Where does Dive and Adventure snorkel tour take you?

The dive shop “Dive and Adventure” located in the hotel, offers snorkeling tours.  Luis will take you with the catamaran to one of the beautiful snorkel places in front of our coast. Luis works only with small groups and his service is very personal. In addition, he has vast knowledge of the Mesoamerican Reef System; during the tour you will learn more about its inhabitants, the corals and the fish. The snorkeling tour is done with a maximum of 4 people in Catamaran. So, you have a snorkel and sailboat tour in one go. The tour lasts approximately 2 hours and Luis takes you to one or two places in front of the coast.

Is there a place for children where they can learn to snorkel?

Close to the hotel is a perfect place for children who want to learn snorkeling. On the other side of the Bermejo River is a very low water area with many small corals and fish, that is to say, a miniature reef. Thanks to the very low water, children can get used to their snorkel equipment in a very easy and comfortable way.  This place is only 5 minutes walk from Hotel Maya Luna.

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