Restaurant Maya Luna Special : Stuffed Pineapple

"The Pineapple. A Mexican/Euro/Indonesian extravaganza" - Lonely Planet

Hotel Restaurant Maya Luna Patio outside.

"Great atmosphere, fresh EVERYTHING, service with a smile" - Tripadvisor

Lobster dish

With a bit of garlic lobster was cooked to absolute perfection - Tripadvisor

Fresh caught fish on my plate the same night! Delicious! - Tripadvisor

Ceviche from Maya Luna Restaurant

"Beautiful spot, great restaurant, really enjoyed the ceviche" - Tripadvisor


Restaurante Maya Luna. Jan and Pedro, Maya Luna chefs

Maya Luna Restaurant

During high season Maya Luna restaurant is  open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  On our menu we have a selection of European & Mexican dishes. Most of them with an indonesian “touch” from our chef. The bar offers fresh juices, coffee, beers, wines, tequila, cocktails and specials. Bring your laptop and connect to our wireless internet while sipping on your margarita. Or try one of our other  delicious  cocktails!

If weather conditions allow it to go out fishing, we serve fresh sea food, caught by one of the local fisherman. All our dishes are freshly prepared. We think hygiene is very important and we always use 100% purified water to clean all vegetables. All icecubes are also made of 100% purified water. So no worry to get ill from the food.

Lobster and conch are 2 of the most popular ingredients of seafood. During the past 15 years the lobster as well as conch population in the Caribean sea has diminshed considerably. Conch today (2012) is on the list of endangered species and absolutely forbidden to fish, eat, buy and sell.  Lobster is not yet on the list of endangered species, but fishing lobster needs proper management. Therefore its forbidden to fish, eat, buy and sell lobster during the so-called “reproduction time”. Starting march 1st and ending july 1st every year. Of course we respect the reproduction time of the conch and the lobster in our restaurant.

Enjoy your meal sitting outside on our patio looking out over the ocean. Or sit inside and admire the old photos of Frida Kahlo and the Mexican.  Our picknick tables in front of our patio are another favorite place to enjoy your breakfast or lunch.

Rumours go nowadays that you cannot leave Mahahual without having tasted our “Stuffed Pineapple”. This Maya Luna signature dish is filled with rice, shrimps or chicken, cashew nuts, poblano chile and other yummies.

Cruisers visit Costa Maya and are looking for a nice, quiet beach away from the crowds are welcome at Maya Luna Beach. Make your reservation in time, because we accept a maximum amount of people.