Our Menu

Our menu is a mix of mexican, european and indonesian dishes.

Our Breakfast Menu

Coffee, tea  25p
Natural juice of the day  35p
Cereals with milk or yoghurt, banana  45p
Seasonal fruits with yoghurt and granola  50p
Quesadillas 3 tortillas with cheese and chile jalapeño 65p
Hotcake natural or with banana or bacon. Served with honey, maple and jam  50p
Continental 2 hard or soft boiled eggs served with toast, jam, butter  55p
Omelette natural or with bacon and/or cheese and/or ham. Served  with toast or corn/flour tortilla    55p
Fried eggs natural or with bacon, and/or cheese and/or  ham. Served  with toast or corn/flour tortilla     55p
Scrambled eggs natural or with bacon, and/or cheese and/or  ham. Served  with toast or corn/flour tortilla  55p
Mexican eggs: scrambled eggs with onion, tomato and bell pepper.  Served  with beans, toast or corn/flour tortilla   65p

Our menu | Starters 

Quesadillas 3 cheese tortillas   65 p
Guacamole house style with mais chips 65 p
Nachos mais chips with beans, cheese  75 p
Coco-curry fish soup fish, shrimp   75 p
Shrimp cocktail  in a home-made sauce  90 p
Chicken Saté 2 chicken kebab with peanut butter sauce and fries    95 p

Our Special

Stuffed Pineapple Maya Luna  Chicken or shrimps, rice, omelete,  soya, curry, nuts, onions, garlic, bell pepper, koriander   170 p  

Our menu | Sea food

Coco-curry fish soup fish, shrimp & octopus in coco-curry   130 p
Ceviche. fish, shrimp & octopus,  marinated in lime juice  150/250 p
Fried fish crispy in a garlic, onion & tomato sauce. P.p,k. aprox 180 p                                     
Fish Filet del chef in a “chef” sauce 130/185 p
Shrimps “Maya Luna”
 with cream coco-curry. Or Mexican style  175 p
Octopus on the grill with a garlic, onion, bell -pepper & tomato sauce.  185 p
Tuna Steak  in a sesame garlic sauce. 185 p

Our menu | Chicken & Beef

Chicken or porc fajjtas in a sauce of coco-curry. Or Mexican style    135 p
Beef Arrachera on the grill. 250 gr with mushrooms, fries and salad    180 p    

Our menu | Vegetarian and Vega Dishes

Paradise papaya   With onion, garlic, tomato and cheese gratin. Oven dish   170 p

Our menu | Sandwich and salads

Sandwich  “maya luna” ham, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomato    75 p
Mixted salad  lettuce, egg, tomato, cucumber, corn with vinaigrette .70 p
Salad “maya luna” seasonal veggies, egg & nuts.  With tuna or chicken  110 p

For the kids

Chicken breast, fries, salad.   90 p
with cream, cheese, tomato.   90 p


Apple Pie   40 p
40 p
with wipped cream    55 p

On our fotos page you can find more foto of our dishes published on instagram


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