Our Menu

Our Breakfast Menu

Coffee, tea  25p
Natural juice of the day  35p
Cereals with milk or yoghurt, banana  40p
Seasonal fruits with yoghurt and granola  50p
Quesadillas 3 tortillas with cheese and chile jalapeño 55p
Hotcake natural or with banana or bacon. Served with honey, maple and jam  50p
Continental 2 hard or soft boiled eggs served with toast, jam, butter  55p
Omelette natural or with bacon and/or cheese and/or ham. Served  with toast or corn/flour tortilla    55p
Fried eggs natural or with bacon, and/or cheese and/or  ham. Served  with toast or corn/flour tortilla     55p
Scrambled eggs natural or with bacon, and/or cheese and/or  ham. Served  with toast or corn/flour tortilla  55p
Mexican eggs: scrambled eggs with onion, tomato and bell pepper.  Served  with beans, toast or corn/flour tortilla   60p


Quesadillas 3 cheese tortillas   55 p
Guacamole house style with mais chips 55 p
Nachos mais chips with beans, cheese  65 p
Coco-curry fish soup fish, shrimp   70 p
Shrimp cocktail  in a home-made sauce  90 p
Chicken Saté 2 chicken kebab with peanut butter sauce and fries    95 p

Our Special

Stuffed Pineapple Maya Luna  Chicken or shrimps, rice, omelete,  soya, curry, nuts, onions, garlic, bell pepper, koriander   160 p  

Sea food

Coco-curry fish soup fish, shrimp & octopus in coco-curry   130 p
Ceviche. fish, shrimp & octopus,  marinated in lime juice  150/200 p
Fried fish crispy in a garlic, onion & tomato sauce. P.p,k. aprox. 175 p                                     
Fish Filet del chef in a “chef” sauce 125/180 p
Shrimps “Maya Luna”
 with cream coco-curry. Or Mexican style  160 p
Octopus on the grill with a garlic, onion, bell -pepper & tomato sauce.  185 p
Tuna Steak  in a sesame garlic sauce. 175 p

Chicken & Beef

Chicken or porc fajjtas in a sauce of coco-curry. Or Mexican style    135 p
Beef Arrachera on the grill. 250 gr with mushrooms, fries and salad    180 p    

Vegetarian and Vega Dishes

Paradise papaya   With onion, garlic, tomato and cheese gratin. Oven dish   160 p

Sandwich and salads

Sandwich  “maya luna” ham, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomato    75 p
Mixted salad  lettuce, egg, tomato, cucumber, corn with vinaigrette .60 p
Salad “maya luna” seasonal veggies, egg & nuts.  With tuna or chicken  90 p

For the kids

Chicken breast, fries, salad.   90 p
with cream, cheese, tomato.   90 p


Apple Pie   40 p
40 p
with wipped cream    55 p