Maya Luna Spa

Maya Luna Spa

A good massage is the best way to relax. Patricia is our massage therapist. She has all the diplomas and experience to live up to your personal preferences. You can have a massage anywhere you like: On the beach, on your patio or inside your bungalow. If the weather allows it, the best place might be your roof- terrace.
For visitors from the cruiseship : if we have a bungalow available, you can have your massage at the patio downstairs. Or on the roof deck of a bungalow.

The price for a massage is 25 USD for 30 minutes and 35 USD for 60 minutes. Do you want to have a massage at the same moment as another person of your company? Patricia will bring one of her colleagues. Let us know if you prefer a female or male  collegue.

New spa service

A new member of the Maya Luna Spa Program is an 100% natural relaxing beauty treatment:
Patricia invites you to enjoy relaxing facial masks, peelings and of course facial massages!
For every type of skin Patricia has her own home-made recipe. Everything is prepared with pure natural ingredients from the area. Among others she uses clay, egg, sugar,  rosewater, cucumber or avocado. Try a refreshing yoghurt face mask for all skin types. Or a rejuvenating Pumpkin mask. Do you have a dry skin ? Try Patricias classic milk mask with honey, aloa and essential oils. Maya Luna Spa:  Rejuvenate your skin in the relaxing Maya Luna atmosphere.

Facial Massage

With perfect natural ingredients to restore skin smoothness after removing make-up and excess sun

* Dry Skin: facial massage stimulates circulation and helps to nourish the skin
* Oily Skin : for this skin type is essential to follow a strict cleaning regimen
* Large open pores : are some of the most common skin but solvable
* Cleansing Facial : eat fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water, it helps to have a healthy face
* Refreshing and invigorating : salt water, the waves and the sea breeze refreshing . It gives your face a great expression.

Dry Skin

Activates circulation and helps nourish facial skin.
Ingredients honey, egg yol , milk powder

Oily Skin

For this type of skin is essential to follow a strict cleaning regimen
Ingredients honey, egg white , lemon juice, baking powder

Large open pores.

They are one of the most common problems of the skin, but solvable .
Ingredients:  watermelon.

The salt water waves and refreshing sea breeze give excellent  your face expression.

Maya Luna Price List

Facial and body massage 700 pesos or 70 USD
Time 1 hour and 30 minutes

Facial and body massage 500 pesos or 50 USD
Time 1 hour

Body Massage includes only back, arms legs and feet
30 minutes
300 pesos or 30 USD

30 minutes
250 pesos or 25 USD