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Pet friendly Hotel Maya Luna Mahahual in Mexico

Maya Luna is happy to be one of the pet friendly hotels in Mexico. Pet friendly hotel Maya Luna is located in a very secluded area, where there are hardly no neighbours. Its paradise for dogs as well. They can run around, play on the beach and swim in the sea. Here is a message from our dog to your dog:

Hello, my name is Dinga! I am very happy to invite other dogs to visit pet friendly hotel Maya Luna with their bosses.

I arrrived at pet friendly hotel Maya Luna when I was about 5 months old.  At first they did not want me there. I guess it was because of the cats. They just ignored me. They did not give me food. But I decided that Maya Luna was the place where I wanted to live!

So the next 2 weeks I showed them I could be a very good watch dog! And when I was nearly desperate they gave me food and told me I could stay. Boy, that was the best meal I ever had ! (Very good kitchen, your boss should also try it!).

And now?  the lady boss and me? We are best friends. I always try to please her. I am very nice with the guests, especially with the children. I must proudly say that everybody thinks I’m a very sweet dog.

Oh, one more last but not least thing. The only area that is not pet friendly in Maya Luna is the inside restaurant and kitchen. My bosses won’t allow you neither inside. Don’t worry, enough space to play outside!  It’s really paradise here! You can sleep inside your bungalow if your boss allows you!

Pet friendly hotel. Me and Droppie eating together

Me and Droppie eating together

Droppie arrived at Maya Luna in octuber 2012.  My boss thinks he was only 3 weeks old. We adopted him and now I am sharing the couch of my boss with him. He is a black cat an we get along very well. Sometimes we play together at the beach. Here is a foto of him and me eating together at pet friendly Hotel Maya Luna

If your boss is looking for other pet friendly hotels in Mexico where we are allowed, maybe this website can help them. Hoteles Pet Friendly en México.

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